Dirtbags Announce Fall Tryout Dates


Dirtbags will host fall tryouts on the dates listed below, 2019-2022 graduates are welcome. Please email Trey Daly (treydaly84@yahoo.com) with any questions.

To register, please click the link below the tryout dates. 

**Cost: Pre-registration online $15 (must be registered at least 72 hours prior to tryout)
Walk-up registration $20

DIRTBAG TRYOUTS: (2019-2022 Grads)

Oct 28: Southern Alamance HS (NC) – 12:00 PM Check-in
Oct. 28: Patton HS (NC) – 12:00 PM Check-in

Oct 29: JH Rose HS (NC) – 12:00 PM Check-In
Oct 29: Tri-Springs Field (SC) – 12:00 PM Check-In

Nov 4: York HS (SC) – 12:00 PM Check-In
Nov 4: Louisburg College (NC) – 12:00 PM Check-In 

Nov 5: Crest HS (NC) – 12:00 PM Check-In
Nov 5: Tri-Springs Field (SC) – 12:00 PM Check-In

Nov 11: Averett University (VA) – 12:00 PM Check-In – (For ages 13U to 17U. Email Jwalker.Dirtbags@gmail.com with questions)
Nov 11: East Lincoln HS (NC) – 12:00 PM Check-In
Nov 11: Myrtle Beach HS (SC) – 12:45 PM Check-In

Nov 18: Liberty Christian (VA) – 12:00 PM Check-In – (Email Jwalker.Dirtbags@gmail.com with questions)
Nov 18: North Davidson HS (NC) – 12:00 PM Check-In

To register for a tryout, please click the link below. Make sure to choose the tryout you plan to attend at registration. Payment will be required at the end of registration. 

Link: http://thedirtbags.leagueapps.com/events/453411-dirtbag-showcase-tryouts