Staying Ready

Staying Ready

By: Hunter Ridge

Baseball has been on hold for just over a month now as the nation tries to figure out the coronavirus. We traveled down to Lancaster, South Carolina to sit down with sophomore southpaw Kyle Percival to figure out how he’s been handling the the postponement of baseball. 

What are your thoughts on the current state of baseball and the virus?

I think that this virus has stalled everyone in the baseball world. There are two ways to look at this current state. You can either take this time to get better and improve your game or let the elite players bypass the average ones. You will be able to tell who stayed in the house and played video games and who busted their butts to get better when we start to play again.

What are you doing to stay ready for baseball?

I have kept a steady routine while away from the game, I look at it like it is an opportunity to get even better. I haven’t been able to go to the gym, but with the weights that I have around the house, I have been able to still hit the weight room super hard. It is more bodyweight and holds rather than loading a lot of weight on a bar. With throwing, I have been long tossing rather than throwing bullpens. I have no clue when we will return playing games. I know that once we start again I will have time to ramp it back up and get in playing form. I’m extremely lucky to have a batting cage at my house so every day I go and get my hacks in working on one thing, and not finishing till I have mastered that skill.

How has school changed since the lockdown?

My school has gone all online/ packets. Our teachers have sent us work for each day throughout this epidemic. My teachers have been very helpful during this process. We are able to email them if we have any questions. This has never happened so we are going through a learning process and making the most of what we can do everyday.

What have you been able to do since the lockdown?

This lockdown has really opened my eyes. I think that there is a reason for this. This virus has brought quality time throughout my family. I have been able to do more fishing during this time, and My father and I have gone turkey hunting while we have been on lockdown. It is great to spend quality time with your loved ones.

What have you missed most about the high school season?

I have missed the bond my team had. We were a special group of guys on the field. We came out hot from the start. Our team was playing with extreme grit and nothing fazed us. In the last game we played, we were down by two with two outs in the bottom of the seventh with bases loaded, I went up to bat and cleared the bases which won the game. We might not have been the best team, but we played as a team and found ways to win. Everyone did what they needed to do to win.