A Player’s Perspective: Brycen Champey

A Player’s Perspective: Brycen Champey

By: Eric Leary

With many areas of life now impacted by the Covid19 pandemic, the sportsworld is among them with shutdowns happening at all levels of play. As the spring season of baseball was in full swing, the screeching halt of the game has undoubtedly impacted players.

Dirtbag Baseball, in an effort to consider the perspective of the high school student-athlete, reached out to one of its own in this unprecedented time. Brycen Champey is an uncommitted member of the 2022 class who attends and plays for New Bern High School, in New Bern, NC..

What is your perspective on not being able to play baseball for what may be the remainder of the high school season?

BC: It’s disappointing that our high school season is suspended and might be done for the year. Especially because our team just started coming together and came off a huge win last Friday against Conley. I feel as a sophomore that I have two big years ahead of me but I feel really bad for the seniors.

How have you personally handled the stoppage of play in terms of working out & trying to stay in shape?

BC: Me and the team have been going out to a field near us to work on our game to not get rusty to make sure we are ready to come back and play. Plus I have been going to the gym lifting and getting ready to be back on the field.

With no school, and what seems to be daily announcements of limitations at the state & national level, how have you looked to develop a routine to be productive beyond the field?

BC: It’s important to me to keep a daily routine to get up lift, then schoolwork, and always make sure to hit and throw.

In this time of uncertainty, how have you been able to meet challenges with a positive outlook?

BC: It’s definitely hard to stay positive but I’ve been able to lean on both my teammates and my family at home. Staying in contact with everyone and keeping a routine helps.

What do you look forward to the most once you are able to get back on the field competing with your teammates?

BC: I look forward to just getting back on the field with my teammates and having fun and winning.

Dirtbags Baseball would like to thank Brycen for his time and sharing his views on these circumstances.  All the best to him and really all the players, as they are experiencing a time that seems so far from normal.