June 11-12 Dirtbag Scout Weekend (Wingate)

We’re excited to get the Dirtbag season underway, please find the following information below in regards to this upcoming weekend…

Wingate University
315 E. Wilson St
Wingate, NC 28174

Gate Price (Sunday): $10.00

Practice Information for Saturday 
**Please arrive 30 minutes before your practice time.
DB 17U Prospects – Black Jersey, Grey Pants
DB 17U Slugger- All Gold Uniforms
DB 16U Bad Company – All White Uniforms
DB 17U Evoshield – All White Uniforms

Saturday, June 11

9:30 AM 17U Prospects Practice
11:30 AM 17U Slugger Practice
1:30 PM 16U Bad Company Practice
3:30 PM 17U Evoshield

Sunday, June 12

9:00 AM DB 17U Prospects vs DB 17U Slugger
11:30 AM DB 16U Bad Company vs DB 17U Prospects
2:00 PM DB 17U Evoshield vs DB 17U Slugger
4:30 PM DB 17U Evoshield vs DB 16U Bad Company

Dirtbags Round Robin (June 4-5)

Dirtbag season is official here and we’re excited to kick it off this upcoming weekend.. Please find schedule and more information below..

Gate Price: $10.00 Per Day

Southern Alamance High School
631 Southern High School Rd.
Graham, NC

Saturday, June 4th
Noon   DB 2024 National vs DB 2025 National
2:30    Dirtbags vs DB 2024 National
5:00    DB 2025 National vs DB 2024 National

Sunday, June 5th
9:00    DB 2024 National vs DB 2024 All Blacks
11:30   DB 2024 All Blacks vs DB 2025 National
2:00    DB 2023 All Blacks vs Dirtbags
4:30    Dirtbags vs DB 2023 All Blacks

13U Dirtbags Cup Schedule Update

All games Saturday have been cancelled due to weather.

We will be holding the 13u Dirtbags Cup at the Burlington Athletic Stadium, 1450 Graham Street, Graham, NC 27217. Please see the schedule below:

Gate Fee: $10 per day

Sunday, May 8

10:00 AM – East vs Voodoo
12:30 PM – Voodoo vs Meta
3:00 PM – Meta vs East

Andy Partin Joins Nick Buonocore on the Reformed Sports Project Podcast

Andy Partin Joins Nick Buonocore on the Reformed Sports Project Podcast
Andy Partin, founder of IMPACT Baseball and Dirtbags Baseball, sits down with Nick Buonocore on The Reformed Sports Project Podcast to discuss his passion for helping high school athletes play at the next level and dispel misconceptions about travel ball.
Make sure you tune into the using the button podcast here!



“Andy Partin is widely considered one of the nation’s leading figures in travel and showcase baseball. In the early 2000s, Partin founded Impact Baseball and Dirtbag Baseball to provide high school players more exposure opportunities to help them play at the collegiate level. He has pioneered the Dirtbags into one of the top and most recognizable baseball programs in the country. Partin joins Nick to discuss his passion for helping high school athletes play at the next level, dispel misconceptions about travel programs, and share how to balance school and travel sports to avoid overuse.” – The Reformed Sports Project

Ethan Walker commits to Longwood University.

Ethan Walker commits to Longwood University.

Dirtbags 2022 All Blacks LHP Ethan Walker has committed to play baseball at Longwood University located in Farmville, Virginia. The future Lancer committed on August 14, 2021.

Find out more about Walkers’ commitment below..

Jon Walker (Dirtbags All Blacks Head Coach) on Ethan Walker:
“Ethan is a strike throwing machine with legit command of three pitches from the left side. When I saw this kid last winter he was 83-84 but I just loved the command he had. I knew he would make a jump. Towards the end of the summer he was sitting 85-87 touching a couple 88s-89s. I think Longwood is a great spot for Ethan because he can come in and throw quality innings for them as a freshman.” – Jon Walker

Ethan Walker on the Dirtbags:
“The Dirtbags and especially Coach Walker have helped me so much with my goals of going to college to play baseball. They helped me with all the recruiting steps and helped me get in front of college coaches. All the coaches try to make a bond with the players that will last a lifetime. Coach Walker helped me find the best college fit and what would be best for me. The Dirtbags organization is the best organization I’ve ever been a part of.” – Ethan Walker

Kristen Walker (Mother of Ethan) on the Dirtbags:
“Being a part of the Dirtbags organization has been one of the best decision for Ethan’s baseball future. Jon Walker has been a great voice on Ethan’s behalf with college coaches. Jon also took the time to get to know Ethan as a person and a player and shared his advise on how he could see him fit into the college and baseball program that will be a perfect fit. The assistance as well from others within the Dirtbags organization has been great.” – Kristen Walker

Jay Miller commits to UNC-Greensboro

Jay Miller commits to UNC-Greensboro

Dirtbags 2022 All Blacks RHP Jay Miller has committed to play baseball at University of North Carolina Greensboro located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The future Spartan committed on August 10, 2021.

Find out more about Millers’ commitment below..

Jon Walker (Dirtbags All Blacks Head Coach) on Jay Miller:
“What a great story on Jay Miller! This young man reached out to us from Newfoundland, Canada. His videos were very impressive and he wanted to come down south to try and play college baseball. He stayed with a host family and really bought into the program. Each week he got better, each week more schools started to show up to his starts. He ended up having five or six Division I schools that were in the mix. Jay is a 6’6 RHP with a very athletic and clean delivery. His arm is strong and the ball really jumps out of his hand, his fastball sits 87-90. A reliable strike thrower with a legit change up. He will pitch a lot in college!” – Jon Walker

Jay Miller on the Dirtbags:
“Playing for the Dirtbags this summer has been very helpful in being seen by colleges and playing against great competition. I’ve met a lot of great people and been around some great coaching while playing for the Dirtbags. They have helped me get in front of coaches. Honestly best summer of baseball yet!” -Jay Miller

Sandra Dunphy (Mother of Jay) on the Dirtbags:
“Choosing to put our son in the Dirtbags organization has been great. Very professional coaches and they really helped get a lot of exposure to our son it has been a great summer for him. The Dirtbags is definitely a great opportunity for anyone who wants to play at the next level” – Sandra Dunphy

Sully Tibbs commits to Radford University

Sully Tibbs commits to Radford University

Dirtbags 2022 Platinum (VA) Infielder Sully Tibbs has committed to play baseball at Radford University located in Radford, Virginia. The future Highlander committed on July 18, 2021.

Find out more about Tibbs’ commitment below..

Jon Walker (Dirtbags VA Director) on Sully Tibbs:
“Sully Tibbs has been with the Dirtbags program since middle school. He has played on the left side of the infield and hit middle of the order every game for 4 years! He is a very athletic body that can run, play defense, & swing the stick, a true asset because of his versatility. A young man that is well respected on and off the field amongst his teammates and around his community. Sully & his parents stayed patient during the recruiting process. Sometimes things went very slow and we’re frustrating I’m sure. Covid keeping coaches off the road last year didn’t help! All of our staff kept telling them to be patient, keep working and stay focused, we all knew he had the tools to play high level baseball. Radford is getting a kid who will compete his tail off once he gets there.” – Jon Walker

Sully Tibbs on the Dirtbags:
“I’ve had a great time playing for the Dirtbags! I’ve had the opportunity to play very competitive baseball at some great tournaments. I trusted that the Dirtbags would put me in the right place, at the right time, and would be honest with me as to my potential for playing baseball in college. All of my coaches (and some that weren’t even my specific coach) have put a lot of time in with me and for that, I am thankful! I’ve made some of the best friends that I know will remain friends long after we no longer wear the Dirtbags uniforms. Our love for the game will keep us connected and may even allow us to compete against each other down the road. Dirtbags for life!” – Sully Tibbs

Chris & Laurie Tibbs (Parents of Sully) on the Dirtbags:
“Being a part of and playing for the Dirtbag organization has been a totally positive experience. It’s always been important to us that Sully play for coaches/teams that were not only strong in their baseball skills and knowledge, but more importantly, solid in their integrity. So much time is spent with their coaches and teammates that it’s important that you share common goals. We are extremely grateful for the time that has been spent with Sully on and off of the field in making him a better player and preparing him for the next level of baseball!” – Chris & Laurie Tibbs

Nate Teague commits to Vanderbilt University

Nate Teague commits to Vanderbilt University

Dirtbags 2023 Camo RHP Nathan Teague has committed to play baseball at Vanderbilt University located in Nashville, Tennessee. The future Commodore committed on August 8, 2021.

Find out more about Teagues’ commitment below..

Trey Daly (Dirtbags Camo Head Coach) on Nate:
“It’s a pretty neat situation here for Nate and the Teague family. He’s truly earned every bit of it. You can’t say enough about the jump he made from 2020 to 2021 season. All the credit in the world goes to Nate. This summer he wanted the ball in the biggest situations against the best competition. All his success is credited to the preparation he put it. It’s all about getting better and the sky is the limit for him.” – Trey Daly

Nate Teague on the Dirtbags:
“After playing with the Dirtbags since I was in middle school, I have developed so many relationships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The life lessons I’ve learned on that diamond with my teammates and coaches are irreplaceable. Through the ups and downs I’ve always took pride in what it means to represent that name on the front of my jersey! For many the definition of a Dirtbags will vary, but to sum up what it’s meant for me these past four years of my life is this.. I’d say a player who will devote countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to further himself as a player and as a man is the heart and sole of what it means to be a Dirtbag! The dedication to being successful and perfecting your craft day in and day out is the recipe for success and this organization demands nothing short of your best. I would not trade my ups and downs with the Dirtbags for the world! They have got a true Dirtbag for life in me!” – Nate Teague

Brandy & Clay Teague (Parents of Nate) on the Dirtbags:
“It’s hard to put into words what the Dirtbags organization, coaches, and players mean to us. In 2017 Nate joined the Dirtbags at 13 years old, and it turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Since that time we have seen so much growth and development in him as a baseball player and a person. He has been surrounded by great teammates that have the same dreams, goals, and aspirations to play this game at the collegiate level and even at the professional level. He has been led by phenomenal coaches and a stellar pitching staff that have prepared him and know what it takes to get to there. The amount of time and effort this organization puts into its players throughout the recruiting process is second to none! I truly believe if Nate were in a different dugout pitching for another organization he wouldn’t be where he is today which is committed to Vanderbilt University! The relationships the Dirtbags have established with college coaches due to there transparency and trust have helped Nate’s dream become a reality and for that we are forever grateful. I see the term “trust the process” in a whole new light now!” -Brandy & Clay Teague

Aidan Miller commits to Eastern Mennonite

Aidan Miller commits to Eastern Mennonite

Dirtbags 2022 Premier (VA) Aidan Miller has committed to play baseball at Eastern Mennonite University located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The future Royal committed on August 6, 2021.

Find out more about Millers’ commitment below..

Chuck Ryan (Dirtbags Premier Head Coach) on Aidan Miller:
“Aidan is a ultra competitor, a great teammate, and really plays the game the way it is supposed to be played. Eastern Mennonite is getting a really good player.” -Chuck Ryan

Aidan Miller on the Dirtbags:
“The Dirtbags is not only a organization, it’s a lifestyle. The coaches and players really took me in and developed me into not only a better ball player, but into a better man. The recruiting process with these guys is second to none. I was able to interact with lots of college coaches with the help of the Dirtbags. Looking back the only regret I have was not joining these guys sooner. I would not be in the position I’m at without the Dirtbags and I’m very blessed to call myself a Dirtbag. Thank you Dirtbags.” – Aidan Miller

Steve Miller (Father of Aidan) on the Dirtbags:
“Being part of the Dirtbags organization was a great experience. I recommend this group to anyone trying to further themselves for the next level” – Steve Miller

Tyler Parks commits to UNC

Tyler Parks commits to UNC

Dirtbags Camo 2022 Infielder Tyler Parks has committed to play baseball at The University of North Carolina located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The future Tarheel committed on August 6, 2021.

Find out more about Parks’ commitment below..

Trey Daly (Dirtbags Camo Head Coach) on Tyler Parks:
“Every baseball coach loves a hitter and this is exactly what Parks is! He had a fantastic summer and always found a way to come through in the big time moments. Every commitment is special to me, but especially a guy like Parks. Tyler has been the program for four years and bought into everything our staff has preached to him and more. I couldn’t be happier for Tyler and the Parks family.” – Trey Daly

Tyler Parks on the Dirtbags:
“It has always been a dream of mine to play Division I baseball. I was introduced to the Dirtbags organization when I was 13 years old. The Dirtbags have always pushed me to be a better player and they have always made sure I was in the right place at the right time. Now four years later, I just made my commitment to the University of North Carolina, which has been my dream school since I was a young kid. I can’t thank the Dirtbags enough for what they have done for me. I would recommend them to any young baseball player that wants to be coached and surrounded by people who will push you to be better and reach your goals every day you step on the field.” – Tyler Parks

Greg & Rebecca (Parents of Tyler) on the Dirtbags:
“Tyler has been playing for the Dirtbags organization since he was 13 years old. Throughout the years, he has been fortunate enough to be coached by so many knowledgeable people. Tyler has learned something new and valuable from every Dirtbag coach he has had the privilege to play for. The Dirtbags coach their players with not only the mindset of winning, but with the ultimate goal of helping each player reach their full potential. The Dirtbags program is top notch and has been instrumental in fostering the player that Tyler has become and will be in the future.” – Greg & Rebecca Parks

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