Coaches Corner: Angular Throwing Drill

Coaches Corner: Angular Throwing Drill

Date: 1/10/19
By: Brendan Dougherty

The majority of errors made throughout the course of a season or even a game is throwing. If you watch any MLB, high level college or high school game there are many guys out on the field with plus arms. If you watch closely see how many times, they throw the ball as hard as they can across the diamond. They only use their arm strength when it is needed. They play with a 2-step rhythm after they field the ball and on the second step, they are ready to throw. It starts with their footwork and the ball staying in the middle of the body with the hands together. They are working for accuracy over velocity! Many young infielders today feel they have to throw every ball as hard as they can, I also see guys feet stop moving after they release the ball. The feet are a huge part of how we throw with accuracy and carry. The Angular Throwing Drill is a great drill for working the feet and throwing with accuracy.

Angular Throwing Drill Breakdown

This drill series is every ground ball that we can expect as an infielder. You start off at a close range where the infielder takes his route to the ball then gets to the fielding position and is short-hopped a ball. He then plays the ball live from when he catches it.

Flash- Only throw when 1st baseman flashes hands. Shuffle with hands together until he flashes.

Forehand- Pre-set fielding position for a ball to the Forehand.

Backhand- Pre-set fielding position for a ball to the Backhand.

Drop-step- Infielder starts ball is thrown on 1 hop to either forehand or backhand Inf will us drop step reshuffle then throw.

Quick toss- Infielder only has 1 shuffle then must get the ball in the air to 1B with accuracy. We use this with a plus runner.

Bobble- After infielder fields the ball he will let it drop and must recover and throw to 1B. Key is not going back into the glove after it is picked up.

Freeze- After the catch we hold for a 2 count in the fielding position then throw.

Run-Through- Infielder charges a high one hop. After catch settle feet and makes throw.

On the run– Infielder attacks ball and makes throw on the run using different arm angles. Start with using the glove then can use barehand.

Exchange- Infielder will run at coach a ball will be dropped as the infielder gets close to him. Must catch and exchange the ball 1 step is ideal. Must use body control and different arm angles.