Coaches Corner: Catchers Throwing

Coaches Corner: Catchers Throwing

Date: February 7, 2019
By: Brendan Dougherty

We understand how important the position of Catcher is. The most important part of this position is in the name, CATCHER! In today’s baseball, we are so consumed in the pop time that we do not focus on the things that are often overlooked.
The catcher’s #1 job is to make the guy on the mound better. They must understand what every pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses are so they can call the game accordingly. Receiving the baseball is a big part of what makes a good catcher. How well does he catch the ball? How well does he block the ball especially, with runner on 3B?

Does the pitcher have confidence that he can throw his best BB in the dirt with a runner on 3B and get the strikeout and you will block it? Your pop time is not what you should be concerned. Be accurate and on the bag and I can promise you that you will throw more guys out then trying to be a sub 2.0.

It is a demanding position and you must be prepared every day. You should develop your own pregame routine as a catcher so that before you step on the field, you are game ready!

Catchers Throwing Program

  • Both Knees – Wrist Flips – 10-15 Feet – 1-2 Minutes
  • Throwing Side Knee – Wrist Flips – 10-15 Feet – 1-2 Minutes
  • Throwing Side Knee – Power Position – 10-20 Feet – 1-2 Minutes
  • Throwing Side Knee – Ball at Mid Line – 15-20 Feet – 1-2 Minutes
  • Square “Ten Toes” – Right Foot Drill – 20-30 Feet – 1-2 Minutes
  • Power Throwing Pos. – Left Foot/Force – 30-40 Feet- 1-2 Minutes
  • Fielding Pos. Footwork to 2B – Blocking – 40-50 Feet – 1-2 Minutes
  • 2 Shuffle Throwing (Hands Together) – 50-60 Feet – 1-3 Minutes
  • 90 Feet to Long Toss – 90-Max – Fully Loose
  • Long Toss Max – Max 15 Throws – 3 Days a Wk.
  • One Hop Drill – Tag Plays – 100-120 Feet – 10 Throws
  • Quick Hands & Quick Feet – 20-30 Feet

Catchers Pregame Routine

  • Hurdle Routine
  • Receiving (Can use a Machine or someone can throw from a short distance) FB/BB’s 10-15 of each
  • Blocking (10-15 Balls start with no runners on, then with runners on base)
  • Footwork (Basic throwing footwork to 2B/3B)

*This should be done after the throwing program and before Infield/Outfield or warming up the pitcher

*You should always take Infield/Outfield and warm up the pitcher in your full gear!!