Dirtbags Cup Schedule

Dirtbags Cook, Freijomil, Gold, Newton and Russell are all in action this upcoming weekend (June 9-10). Please find schedule and times below. We’re excited to get underway!

Field Locations:
Leonard Park: 624 Ballinger Rd. Greensboro, NC
Reagan High School: 3750 Transou Rd. Pfafftown, NC
Southern Alamance: 631 Southern High School Rd. Graham, NC

Saturday, June 9

Reagan High School
8:00      DB Newton (5) vs DB Russell (3)
10:15    DB Cook (0) vs  DB Gold (7)
12:45    DB Freijomil (4) vs DB Russell (4)
3:00      DB Gold (6) vs DB Freijomil (5)

Leonard Park
2:00      DB Newton (0) vs DB Cook (3)

Sunday, June 10

Southern Alamance
8:00     DB Cook vs DB Freijomil
10:15   DB Russell vs DB Gold
12:30   DB Russell vs DB Cook
2:45   DB Freijomil vs DB Newton
5:00  DB Gold vs DB Newton