Dirtbags Cup (Sept 24-25 Charlotte)

We’re excited to the Dirtbags Cup this coming weekend at Charlotte. Please find schedule and more information below…

Gate Price: $10.00 Per Day

Field Address:
Robert & Mariam Hayes Stadium
8711 Phillips Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28262

Saturday, Sept 24
8:15 DB 18U Slugger vs DB 17U Slugger
10:30 DB17U Bad Company vs DB 18U Slugger
12:45 DB 17U Slugger vs DB17U Bad Company
3:00 DB 17U All Blacks vs DB 17U National
5:15 DB 18U Prospect vs DB 17U National
7:30 DB 17U All Blacks vs DB 18U Prospect
Sunay, Sept 25
9:00 DB 17U National DB17U Bad Company
11:30 DB17U Bad Company DB 17U National
2:00 DB 17U All Blacks DB 18U Slugger
4:30 DB 18U Prospect DB 17U Slugger