Dirtbags Middle School Program Experience: Connor Bellew

Dirtbags Middle School Program Experience: Connor Bellew

It is always refreshing to get a perspective from a stable developing player. That is exactly what Middle School Director Logan Koch did when he sat down with 2024 C/OF Connor Bellew. Bellew was a member of the 2024 Dirtbags team this past fall and is heading in the right direction to have a rewarding year in 2020. A versatile defender, possessing a short powerful stroke in the box, Bellew is one of many future hot commodities in the 2024 class. Bellew joins the Dirtbags Middle School program after a stint in the Dirtbags Youth program where he was a centerpiece on his Dirtbags “MVP” squad.

Learn more about Bellew and his Dirtbag experience below:

What was the transition like from the youth program to the middle school program?

Our level of competition has greatly increased since joining from the youth program. There are always eyes on you. You have to be ready to show out when given the opportunity. The atmosphere is encouraging and supportive. However, it is action packed and aggressive. We can see it getting the best out of us.

What’s the importance of getting into the Dirtbags program early in your career?

There are no disadvantages to starting early. There are a lot of eyes on you at an early age. Dirtbags help you understand how the process goes; they make sure you are not oblivious to any situation. Showcase is a different style of baseball, more individualized. We want to make early impressions on coaches and get on every radar we can.

What are a few things you would tell a kid interested in Dirtbags Baseball?

Take off seasons more serious than in seasons and your work will show and take every at bat and game like it is your last. Players who work the hardest when no one is looking are the players that thrive.

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