Dirtbags Softball

Dirtbags Softball is a fastpitch softball travel organization located in Burlington, North Carolina and is led by former NC State University standout softball players Shaina Dabbs & Miranda Rodriguez.

The mission of this organization is to promote the game of softball and provide youth in and around the area with an opportunity to compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

Dirtbags Softball prioritizes fundamentals and skill development, teamwork, competition, and sportsmanship. We strive to help athletes reach their full potential by strategically preparing them with the tools necessary to be successful leaders on and off the field.

With experienced and dedicated coaches leading the way and a high standard of ethics, the Dirtbags Softball organization is committed to creating an inclusive environment that cultivates positivity, respect, and authenticity. Coaches, athletes, and parents – together – have a responsibility to uphold these values. 





Leadership Capacity

  • The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra. Be
  • Lead by example and lead with love. Values of hard work, respect, teamwork, hustle, and competition drive us.
  • Lead with love. Tone and intent matter.
  • Take care of your own 3-feet. Hold yourself accountable first.
  • Be confidently you. If YOU believe in authentically you.


Core Mechanical Beliefs

  • Hitting
    • See ball, hit ball.
    • Balance.
    • Palm up, palm down.
    • Drive back side thru the zone.
  • Pitching
    • Fastball mechanics are our foundation.
    • Long and loose arm.
    • Practice with pressure.
    • We are pitchers – no perfect pitchers and not placement pitchers.
    • Consistency, movement, and speed matter. In that order.
  • Throwing
    • Arm strength and stability.
    • Getting in a position to throw every time.
    • Wrist snap and finding the seam is KEY.
    • Throw with CONFIDENCE!!
  • Hustle
    • The time is now. Work hard now. Go all out now.
    • Think two plays ahead and act.


Mental Toughness and IQ

  • THINK Positive, TALK Positive, BE Positive!
  • Control the controllables. Take care of you. Your attitude, your effort, your focus, your communication.
  • Play in the present. One pitch at a time.
  • Be like Confetti. Explode with Colorful Confidence.
  • Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Growth happens through adversity.
  • Maintain curiosity. Never stop learning. Ask questions.
  • Win the inning and PLAY TO WIN!