June 11-12 Dirtbag Scout Weekend (Wingate)

We’re excited to get the Dirtbag season underway, please find the following information below in regards to this upcoming weekend…

Wingate University
315 E. Wilson St
Wingate, NC 28174

Gate Price (Sunday): $10.00

Practice Information for Saturday 
**Please arrive 30 minutes before your practice time.
DB 17U Prospects – Black Jersey, Grey Pants
DB 17U Slugger- All Gold Uniforms
DB 16U Bad Company – All White Uniforms
DB 17U Evoshield – All White Uniforms

Saturday, June 11

9:30 AM 17U Prospects Practice
11:30 AM 17U Slugger Practice
1:30 PM 16U Bad Company Practice
3:30 PM 17U Evoshield

Sunday, June 12

9:00 AM DB 17U Prospects vs DB 17U Slugger
11:30 AM DB 16U Bad Company vs DB 17U Prospects
2:00 PM DB 17U Evoshield vs DB 17U Slugger
4:30 PM DB 17U Evoshield vs DB 16U Bad Company