Meet The Staff: Brendan Dougherty

Meet The Staff: Brendan Dougherty

Date: 1/9/19

For our first episode of “Meet The Staff” we sat down with South Carolina Director Brendan Dougherty. Dougherty has coached at many levels of baseball over his young career, including a 17 year stint in the college game. Learn more about Coach Dougherty below..

Take us back, how did you get started in coaching?

I had just finished playing at Coastal Carolina University and wanted to stay in Baseball. I had an opportunity to work camp at Elon University. (It was Elon College back then), I told Mike Kennedy I wanted to get into coaching and wanted to work for him. A friend of mine was his assistant the year before. He told me he only had a GA position and it didn’t pay anything and I needed to think about it for a few days after camp ended.

Two days after camp ended he called me and said both his assistants were leaving and asked if I wanted the recruiting job. I told him yes right away, before he could tell me what the pay was. At that time college baseball was not what it is today so the pay wasn’t exactly the best.

It really didn’t matter he gave me an opportunity and a lot of freedom to recruit and coach and he taught me how to become a better coach, person, and father. I will always be in debt to him for taking a chance on me.

Where have you been in your coaching career?

I started at Elon University and was there for four years. I then was at Auburn University as the Volunteer assistant. I moved from there to the United States Military Academy for two years. From there I had the chance to come back and work at Coastal Carolina University for six years and then on to Western Kentucky for four years before coming on with the Dirtbags.

When coaching college baseball, what did you know about Dirtbags Baseball?

You always knew when you went to see a Dirtbags team play, what you would see. A group that was going to be good, play hard and do things the right way. A culture was started back in 2002 and that culture has stood the test of time. There have been many great players that have come through this organization and when they are done with their Dirtbag career they know what the Dirtbag way is! I was always excited when I got a chance to see the Dirtbags play you just knew what you were going to get!!

What’s your message to young players out there trying to get to the next level?

If you want to be really good at anything, you have to make sacrifices. Whatever you are doing preparing for practice to start, in the weight room, in the cages, on the game field attack it like it is the last time you will be able to do it. Someone is always evaluating you it is not just a College coach or Professional Scout.

When you hear the word “Dirtbag”, what comes to mind?

Hard nosed, tough kids that play the game the right way and wear those crazy camo uniforms!!! The Dirtbag Way!

What are you looking forward to the most about the 2019 Dirtbag Season?

To see the returning players go out and compete but also the new crop of players learn and see what it is like to be a Dirtbag.

Best Dirtbag memory?

I would love to say winning the World Championship in 2016 but due to sickness I was not able to make it to Jupiter but still enjoyed the moment from my computer. The best memories for me are from the kids when they have trusted this organization to help them through the entire process and they arrive at a decision and commit to a school. Those are great memories for me!

Favorite Food:  Northeast Style Pizza

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting/Young Guns

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

My son Knox. He has special needs but it does not define him. He is the happiest kid you will ever meet and there is no other time that he is happier then when he is watching his big brother play baseball or football or when he is at the field with us. He may never have the chance so for one day I would love for him to be able to play ball like the rest of us!!

What you like to do in your spare time?

Spend time with my family and be at a field.