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Episode 31 – Breaking down what college coaches and professional scouts are looking for when they are evaluating pitchers. What goes into the process and how there is so much more than just how hard a guy throws.

Episode 30 – A detailed breakdown of the true evaluation of a Hitter. What coaches and scouts are evaluating when they are watching a hitter! Spoiler Alert it’s not mechanics!

Episode 29 – Logan Koch Dirtbags Middle School Director and Catching Coordinator breaks down what college coaches and professional scouts are looking for when they are evaluating the catching position. Breaking news: It isn’t POP TIME!!

Episode 28 – Breaking down what college coaches and pro scouts are looking for when they are evaluating the infield positions. Detailed breakdown of what is looked for out of each of the infield positions.

Episode 27 – An in depth look at what College Coaches and Professional Scouts are watching for when they are evaluating Players. Each week we will breakdown a different position. Part 1 Discusses the overall baseline that coaches and scouts use to start the initial evaluation process.

Episode 26 – Andy Partin joins the show to break down the latest ruling from the NCAA. How to prepare for tournaments and a recap of this past weekends Wilson Premier Tournament.

Episode 25 – Former Dirtbag and ECU Pirate and now the Dirtbags Baseball Pitching coordinator joins the show to break down how he is preparing players to be ready for the fall season and more. Part 1 of a 2 part podcast!

Episode 24 – Andy Partin and Brendan Dougherty discuss some of the things that they observe as coaches outside of the playing field. An in depth look at some of the do’s and don’ts from youth baseball to college baseball.

Episode 23 – Dirtbags Owner and Founder Andy Partin gives his breakdown and thoughts of how the summer progressed for the Dirtbag Organization and what is in store for the fall season.

Episode 22- How the summer baseball season has progressed over the first month and what to look forward to in the coming months.

Episode 21 – What players and parents should be doing during this time to be proactive in the recruiting process. Developing a system of getting the information out to coaches. What to do and what not to do.

Episode 20 – Dirtbags General Manager Trey Daly joins the show to talk about opening weekend. How social media is playing a huge role in the recruiting process and a breakdown of how teams and players did on opening weekend.

Episode 19 – Former Dirtbag and University of South Carolina great and current Dirtbag Middle School Director Logan Koch joins the show to talk about the Dirtbag middle school program. How important development is and when the recruiting process truly begins.

Episode 18 – A detailed breakdown of how to develop a plan and routine for the upcoming summer season. Strength Training, speed training, nutrition and baseball development is discussed on this episode of the Dirt Talk Podcast.

Episode 17 – The final installment in Recruiting 101 breaks down the importance of communication between the players and the HS and Summer Coaches. An in depth look at what the communication process looks like and what role coaches play during the recruiting process.

Episode 16 – On this episode we talk the evaluation process and how college coaches and professional scouts evaluate players at Showcase events and during games. Things that will help you prepare to play at the highest level when needed the most.

Episode 15 – Brendan Dougherty Dirtbags Director/Hitting Coordinator beaks down some of the inner working of how the recruiting process works. How to prepare for the process and things you may need to know while going through the process.

Episode 14 – Tyler Hanover the first Dirtbag Captain and only player in program history to have his number retired joins the show along with Owner and Founder Andy Partin. Tyler talks about his experiences with the Dirtbags his record breaking career at LSU and what it took for him to be one of the all time best Dirtbags.

Episode 13 – Robert Woodard the Head Coach of the UNCC 49ers joins the show to talk about how they handled the current situation, his playing career at UNC and his path to becoming a Head Coach. He also talks about recruiting and how they have implemented analytics and data into the 49er program.

Episode 12- Former Dirtbag great and current San Diego Padre Seth Frankoff joins the show to talk about his time with the Dirtbags and how it paved the way for his success at the college and professional levels.

Episode 11- Westside Barbell Certified Strength Coach and Founder of the Dirtbags Andy Partin joins the show to talk the importance of Strength and conditioning during this time. He also talks about things you can be doing at home as well as nutrition and much more.

Episode 10- Mike Holmes San Francisco Giants Scouting Director joins the show to talk about what scouts and coaches are looking for when they are evaluating players, his career path and how professional baseball is responding to the changes that are taking place.

Episode 9- Cliff Godwin the Head Coach at East Carolina joins the show and breaks down the Pirate program. He talks about his rise through the coaching ranks, the proud tradition of East Carolina Baseball, academics, the mental game and more.

Episode 8- Chris Finwood the Head Coach of The Old Dominion University Monarchs joins the show to talk about the future of college baseball, how he is handling things with his players, his program and more.

Episode 7 – Director of The Dirtbags Youth programs Everrett Hancock joins the show to talk about the very beginnings of the Dirtbags Youth Program and how it has developed into one of the top programs in the Country. Everrett talks about the program in depth and allows an inside look into all things Dirtbags.

Episode 6 – Former Dirtbag great and Perfect Game All-American Jake Deleo joins the show and talks about his commitment, work ethic and sacrifice he has made to make him one of the best players in the country. Jake also talks about his summer playing with the Dirtbags, playing with and against the best players in the country and his experiences along the way.

Episode 5 – Andy Partin Owner and Founder of the Dirtbags comes on the show to talk about the recent Impact Baseball Player ID Camps along with details of how to be a part of the upcoming camps  and we answer some questions that where sent to us on social media.

Episode 4 – Matt Swope Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at The University of Maryland joins the show to break down the Maryland way. Matt talks about his days as a player at Maryland, recruiting and player development. Gives a true and honest look at what it takes to play for the Terps.

Episode 3 – Bradley Lecroy Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator joins the show to talk about Clemson Baseball, Recruiting and his career path and influences in Baseball.

Episode 2 – Brendan Dougherty and Kevin Schnall, Associate Head Coach and Recruiting coordinator at Coastal Carolina University, break down Recruiting, Chanticleer Baseball, and much more.

Episode 1 – Brendan Dougherty and Andy Partin discuss how to get recruited.

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