Testimonial Tuesday: Austin Hawke

Testimonial Tuesday: Austin Hawke

  The proverb “speaking softly and carrying a big stick” became an identifying phrase if not an ideology for an American president.  It personified how Teddy Roosevelt conducted his policies and his life. If the phrase were to turn and become “speak softly and carry a baseball bat” the same could be said for 2022 middle infielder Austin Hawke from South Brunswick High School in Southport, NC.  

Trey Daly, general manager of the Dirtbags put it best by saying, “Talking about a young man who knows the game. Hawke doesn’t say a whole lot but let’s his actions speak volumes on the field.”

Into his 3rd year with the Dirtbags, Hawke is looking for this summer hold some turning point moments in his baseball journey.  He is confident that he is ready to bring his game to a level where the recruitment to a prestigious college program will be inevitable.

In fact, joining the Dirtbags was purposefully done for this very reason. With his older brother (Wake Forest commit Tommy Hawke) already wearing the black and gold, Austin saw the chance to play with a bigger organization as a right fit that could lead to bigger opportunities.

Since being a Dirtbag, Hawke has seen improvement in his game as the result of playing with and against better competition.  He says this brings out the best in him. He was also quick to mention the way he feels positively pushed by Dirtbag coaches.  

One of those coaches along the way has Daly, who coached Hawke last summer as a part of the Dirtbags Camo 2022 squad walked away with the Perfect Game Freshmen Elite Championship at Lake Point.  

Such success has Austin ready for this summer’s events to truly get underway, and he is hoping more success will lead to opportunities to perform on big stages to be seen and hopefully have some options to commit.  Having played with several of his 2019 teammates for the last few years he thinks this edition can really gel as a team and bring dividends for everyone.

As a player, Hawke describes his game as quick and relentless.  He particularly loves to fire up his teammates with his play and even said he’s been told that he plays like his hair is on fire.

Like so many in the organization he understands the grind and embraces it. In the off-season he spent his days getting stronger, hitting 2-3 times a week and of course taking those ground balls every chance he could get.

For Austin it’s what being a Dirtbag is all about.  He even defined it as well as anyone has when he said the term to him means,“Working hard, playing hard and just being the best.”

Well that’s a mouthful for someone who usually lets his actions do the talking.

TD … “Hawke gets after it in the diamond.”

When talking to the …. about schools of interest some really strong programs … he’s excited for the recruiting process to begin heating up … looking for a strong staff and a quality product on the field