Testimonial Tuesday: Brett Forbis

Testimonial Tuesday: Brett Forbis

 In a recent conversation with 2021 uncommitted shortstop Brett Forbis about some good times he’s experienced with the Dirtbags, he commented he really enjoyed visiting a “haunted trail” while playing in a tournament in Boone, NC in October 2018. As his team went on to win that event, Forbis has been looking to take his slick fielding to put his own scare in opponents.  

Just a sophomore at C.B. Aycock High School in Pikeville, NC, Brett is definitely a rising star in the Dirtbags organization while standing 5’11” and 150 pounds.  General Manager, Trey Daly dished on him with the following.

“Brett Forbis has been in the program for the past two years, and each year he makes jumps.  He’s continuing to grow and become stronger, which is great news for his future. Brett has barely scratched the surface as far as ability and where he’s going to get to.”

The near future will be with his left-handed swing in the lineup for the 16u Dirtbag squad led by Will James.  And Brett is looking to make more jumps while playing for James, saying he wants to show more power at the plate.  While describing his game now as “fast and explosive” that will make for some combination going forward.

While the immediate emphasis may be to produce more power at the plate, he’s working to build himself into a well rounded player by investing in multiple tools with a plan.  Forbis takes a weight training class at school on top of working with a personal trainer.

Add to that he’s getting some help from a track guru to develop better running form and stretching.  And don’t forget he is routinely at baseball workouts after school, saying “you can never get enough ground balls.

Daly summed it up by saying, “One thing about Brett is he loves the game and works at it.”

When ask why he choose to join the Dirtbags, Forbis recounted it was at an Impact Tourney that he met Trey Daly.  Already having recognized all the good players who were playing on Dirtbag teams he knew he’d benefit from a move to the organization.  He went on to remark that playing with good players allows a player to relax and not have to feel pressure to do it alone.

Though he has time before having to make any decisions on where he will play after high school, Brett said that he wants to attend an institution with academic offerings that match his interests in the sciences.  

Another key point will be the coaching staff as he stated, “I need a coaching staff that will push me and not just tell me I’m good because that’s not going to get you anywhere.”

Speaking of going places, when asked what he likes to do when not on the ballfield, Forbis suggested that hanging with friends and getting to the beach are high on his list.  With Emerald Isle less than 100 miles from his Wayne County home, surely he will get a chance to put his feet in the sand a few times in the summer months of 2019.

But where he will definitely be found is with his spikes on some infield clay while wearing the gold and black and making more moves up the Dirtbags prospect list.