Testimonial Tuesday: Bryce Rudisill

Testimonial Tuesday: Bryce Rudisill

Players who want to improve have the best chance to see big jumps in performance. Bryce Rudisill, uncommitted 2023 3B/RHP out of Gettysburg Area High School in Pennsylvania, is that type of player. In fact, he’s that type of person. 

Having a “want to” requires a dedication to a process to improve in the task. For Rudisill the want has transitioned to become a willingness. The willingess now drives his decisions and behaviors. And he’s doing it all with a sense of achieving and accomplishing goals.

Bryce knows all about seeing the big picture and having goals. He knows all about allowing his steps to match his vision. As someone who is very involved in his church, his actions exemplify a strong commitment to his faith. In fact, he carries this same mindset to numerous parts of his life, whether it’s his work ethic on the ball field or his academic pursuits.  It’s just the way he’s wired it seems.

All that makes a player like Rudisill a pleasure to coach and have in the program. Logan Koch, who serves as the Middle School Director for the Dirtbags, recognized those same characteristics as Bryce attended a tryout last summer and placed him on the 2019 Chin Music 15u squad for the fall.

According to Koch, the evidence is clear that Rudisill is a player the Dirtbags want to continue to infuse into the organization as he combines physical tools of the game with the drive and intangibles that make him special.

“As a coach the best compliment I think you can give a player is one I would give to Bryce,” said Koch. “He is a player you never have to worry about on the field. He is extremely projectable at the plate and always gives 100% for his team.”

For Rudisill, becoming a Dirtbag was all about finding a way to both self-improve and also tap into a recruiting edge. While Bryce admits he’s in the earliest stages of the recruiting process, he has big dreams and makes it clear he’s looking for a college program that provides a competitiveness on the national scene and equally has a reputation for producing players who have options in careers be it due to athletic or academic prowess. 

But when asked what being a Dirtbag means to him, Bryce responded with a flurry of descriptors that have everything to do with the TEAM, and very little to do with a personal agenda. He used words like, “… winning … unselfish … respect the game.” Yes, it’s clear that even though he’s only 15 years old he already understands that individual opportunities present themselves when the individual prioritizes the group over self.

As for Koch, he simply called it for what it is, saying, “He is the epitome of what it means to be a Bag!”

Though just starting in his journey with the Dirtbags, Rudisill already is able to recognize the level of play available to those wearing the unique black and gold uniforms. He has already witnessed enough in his brief experience with the Bags to have a positive outlook on the coming years due to who he will get a chance to play with and against.

His game will likely stand up the competition, too. By consistently making good contact at the plate from the left side, Rudisill says he tries to hit the ball hard through the middle each time up.  It’s safe to say he has already produced some noted results with this plan. But always a learner, he has come to understand that an occasional swing and miss shouldn’t deter him, and he plans to stay focused on his approach. 

While on the mound, his low to mid 80’s fastball is where he starts and will go right at the opposition. His plan here is simple, saying, “Throw strikes and get outs.”

If it sounds like Rudisill plays the game with a physicality, it’s because he does. And the 6 foot, 190 pound frame translates well with his style. Don’t expect the uniform to be very clean by game’s end, because he will definitely get dirty and give an all out effort for the team.

The physical play finds itself applicable in other arenas too. Rudisill says that playing soccer compliments his game on the diamond with agility and speed. It is very apparent that Bryce is one who will compete in anything he is doing and the task will get nothing less than his best effort.

As a ninth grader, yet to play in a high school baseball game, he is already looking to make a positive impression on the scholastic diamond in the upcoming spring. Bryce says he is looking forward to playing with and learning from older players, hoping to make varsity and contribute.  His Warriors made the play-offs last year and Rudisill wants to help them get back and advance to later rounds. 

But all of that will, again, take effort and work. So he’s showing the initiative by lifting 3 times a week and putting in the time with sprint and arm strength work. Bryce also plans to hone his skills within the team workouts which will begin soon.

No matter whether he’s grinding in a workout or interacting with his team, he’ll be taking with him what he considered some tremendously positive experiences in the fall with the Dirtbags.  He was justifiably impressed with some of the top DI facilities and venues where he was able to play. Motivated to reach those levels with some of the Dirtbags that have gone before him will undoubtedly impact his continued track.

Koch seems to see a chance for Rudisill to reach those heights, as he said, “It is going to be a  blast watching the recruiting battle that goes on for Bryce because he is an immediate difference maker.”

He wants to be a next Dirtbag alum who is among those who have reached the very highest levels in the game. And that’s a real possibility for Bryce Rudisill because of his willingness.