Testimonial Tuesday: Danny Heintz

Testimonial Tuesday: Danny Heintz

In baseball, being projectable can be a blessing and a curse all rolled into one.  Obviously, the potential for performance has been recognized when a player has been identified at “projectable.” But it becomes meaningless if the player can’t move forward and provide the evidence of the skills necessary to be his very best. The latter doesn’t appear to be an issue for Danny Heintz, a 2020 uncommitted right-handed pitcher out of Green Hope High School.

At 6’5” and 210 lbs, Heintz is the epitome of projectable with his frame and a fastball that is consistently mid to upper 80’s.  And he knows that. Thus the relaxed confidence he emits both on the mound and in conversation about his skills is calming. It creates a dynamic that provides an assurance he knows exactly who he is and what he is about to do – both imminently and in the long term.

As the general manager of Dirtbags Baseball, Trey Daly offers a very accurate and prophetic observation with these comments.  “There is a lot to like about Danny Heintz. He is one of the top uncommitted arms in the state. He throws three pitches for strikes and is fun to watch on the mound.  Heintz’s projection is very appealing to many, as he can add 30 to 40 pounds on his frame and it will only help him.”

The junior hurler has taken note, because he shared that prior to the spring he added weight with a nutritional plan and a regimented strength training program.  The 35 pounds he put on was part of him being able to translate his delivery into a velo jump from the low 80’s to his current status.

It’s that fastball that Danny uses to set up everything else while on the mound.  By attempting to establish it on both sides of the plate by design, he then is able to move to his offspeed stuff more effectively.  In hearing him talk about his approach as a pitcher it is obvious the young man has a plan.

Additionally, he shares that he pitches his best when he can be laid back and relaxed.  He is quick to point out however, he isn’t doing any joking around. Instead the process becomes an emotionless exercise of routine and execution. Quite a skill for pitcher to possess, particularly at this stage of his career.  But that just shows the maturity Danny can access even in the most tense situations.

The multi-sport athlete, who also plays basketball for his school, is a big part of why his Falcons are poised for the play-offs in the 2019 season.  Heintz said the team is really looking forward to making a run as their early exit in the first round last year was a huge disappointment.

Following the high school season, Danny is excited to put on his Dirtbags uniform, who he joined a year and a half ago. He looks forward to upholding the expectation the organization has established in terms of both collective and individual successes.   About the 2019 campaign he remarked, “We will have a chance to win each tournament.”

It was this expectation the Dirtbags have to win that drew him to becoming a part of the organization.  The reputation he said is a huge draw. He added, “It’s a chance to play with and against the best competition.”

And it’s that opportunity to compete and be the best when the best is on the field that provided a notable memory for Heintz.  After a solid outing in the fall of 2017, a number of colleges contacted Daly with high interest. Danny was impressed. This type of work by the Dirtbags coaches is what really shines through for the right-hander who appreciates the constant contact and the advice they provide.

As for a collegiate destination, the criteria is in place and Heintz is sure the right fit will present itself.  His vision includes a solid academic institution where the reputation is to win. He’s also focused on finding the right pitching coach who can aid in his development to be a pro and also protect against injury.

Daly finishes with this on Heintz.  “He’s a guy that you want in your dugout not only for the ability but also as a teammate.  Very coachable young man who has barely scratched the surface.”

Rest assured, wherever he lands the program will be getting a player who is all in for accessing all he can be both individually and for his team. And that’s not projectability, it’s just who Danny Heintz is as a person.