Testimonial Tuesday: Drew Siegner

Testimonial Tuesday: Drew Siegner

  Learning is a process.  From learning content to skills, or from knowledge to operations, the acquisition of learning takes a period of time to achieve a functional status.  Whether that time is immediate or lengthy, the process demands it be completed. Drew Siegner, a 2022 uncommitted RHP who plays with the Dirtbags 15u Tap Out team, seems to understand this.

In fact, it appears in talking to him he comprehends that baseball is a game where learning  “how things work” is just as important as crafting the skills. His maturity as a rising sophomore out of Southern Alamance High School shines through when he speaks about how he is learning to grow from being a thrower to being a pitcher. 

To make such a transition requires certain skills and he’s definitely a player with some baseball skills.  On the mound his low to mid 80’s velocity has caught the attention of Dirtbags GM/Tap Out head coach Trey Daly. And that attention is not necessarily for what he is now, but for what he will be. 

After noting the velo of Siegner’s fastball, Daly gives a hint as to where this process could lead, as seen in his comment on the breaking ball and his future, “Siegner has a very good 73-76 mph slider with depth.  He can throw it in any count. Drew has pitchability that makes him very appealing to college coaches.”

Siegner, who at 6’1” and 185 pounds and in his first season with the Dirtbags, perhaps saw the  process begin to take shape as he was given the opportunity to play with older players on his high school’s varsity team.  He noted that it allowed him to build relationships with older players and he was able to take stock of how the game operates at that level.  This continued when he transitioned to playing with top notch talent as a member of the Dirtbags 15u Tap Out squad. 

Drew is very open about what he’s learned.  Since joining the Dirtbags, he is well aware that investing in his craft will demand him to grow physically as well as mentally.  An off-season weight room commitment to build strength and stamina is already identified as a priority.

He has also learned about being a team player amongst such a stockpile of talent. He noted, “It helps you grow as a player and understand more about the game.”

The righty is anxious to experience what being a part of such a group can bring to them all.

“Super excited to see where this team goes when at 16u or 17u,” Sienger said.

For him personally, the chance to play beyond high school and find a collegiate program that fits is definitely a priority. And the recruiting process seems to be just getting started.  He has a few schools of interest on his list and they are currently ones he is familiar with in terms of following their programs. He is emphatic that the academic factor weighs heavy in any future decision as he says, “The academic part is just as big as the sports side.”

On the mound Drew describes himself as a fast worker who controls the pace of play and keeps an even keel by controlling his body language.  That fits perfectly for his take on what being a Dirtbag is all about.  

He captures the organization’s attitude by talking about being a Dirtbag and what it means to play with swag and confidence.  He says, “(It’s) Knowing no one can beat you when you step on the field.“

And that appears to be true a lot this summer for Siegner and his Tap Out teammates.  At the writing of this article the Tap Out team sports a 5-0 pool play record on day four of the Perfect Game WWBA 15u National Championship.

Trey Daly thinks the hurler is on the right track with his development by adding, “After being around Drew all summer, the kid is selfless and loves to compete.  I know you hear that a lot but this kid just wants to win. I’m very excited to continue to work alongside of him for the upcoming years.”

One more learned lesson is evident in Siegner’s comment about what he has realized since being a Dirtbag, “Really go get it and don’t wait for it to come to you.”

And it seems Drew has already started to act accordingly.