Testimonial Tuesday: Jake McGillivray

Testimonial Tuesday: Jake McGillivray

As a player, Dirtbags outfielder Jake McGillivray sees the big picture. He has an understanding of where he is in his process of development, and he certainly knows where he wants to be when it’s all said and done. He is a tireless worker. And perhaps most importantly, Jake cares. 

The uncommitted 2022, who bats and throws lefty, cares about the game of baseball, and cares about how it fits into his life. This is evidenced by the emphasis he puts on his academic performance as a student at Porter Ridge High School in Indian Trail, NC. Jakes takes the academic part of his student-athlete role very seriously.  

So it is no surprise that his dreams of playing college baseball also involve wanting to attend an institution where academic achievement is emphasized. And McGillivray has been in contact with plenty of programs at this point, he knows the best fit where the coaching staff, the school’s commitment to the program and those academic opportunities align.

By joining the Dirtbags in fall of 2018, McGillivray was also showing how much he cares about getting better on the diamond and getting exposure. Thus far, he’s not been disappointed in either.

In the summer of 2019 he played on the 15u Drew squad, coached by Tyler Drew, and followed that by playing with the 16u Dirtbags Prospects with Ben Cassillo at the helm. These last two seasons certainly caught the attention of Dirtbags general manager Trey Daly, who shared a few insights on McGillivray’s development and future.

Tops on the list according to Daly is his work ethic. The GM says, “One thing to know about Jake is he loves to work on his craft, which is the key ingredient for success.”

And he takes that to the field everyday.  With a 5’11” and 160 pound athletic frame, McGillivray plays with energy and aggressiveness.  In talking about himself, Jake commented he talks non-stop during a contest and loves to take charge in the moment.

Daly sees a projectile future when McGillivray in swinging the bat too. Saying, “In the box Jake shows a really good swing that has the ability to spray the ball to all fields. His frame is athletic and he projects well.”

Not to rest on his achievements thus far, Jake has big plans for the off-season. Combining time in the weight-room, regular sessions in the cage and working with an instructor to improve his arm strength, McGillivray is confident his progress will pay off for him personally, and for his Porter Ridge Pirates, whom he says could be pretty good in the spring.

Regardless if he’s wearing his school’s purple & white, or in the black & gold of the Dirtbags, McGillivray plans to play one way. That is “all out” and “putting it all on the field.” According to Jake, it’s just what a Dirtbag does.  

Which makes his becoming a member of the organization make sense. What he cares about is what the Dirtbags seem to care about. And by giving that great effort each time out, McGillivray looks to access that exposure he says was a main drawing point to him becoming a Dirtbag.

What Jakes says he didn’t know what how much the Dirtbag coaches care about their players.  He sees it in decisions that are made for how players are used in events. It’s clear to him the Dirtbags are about player development.

He sums it up by saying, “(The) coaches want what’s best for them as players … (coaches) are always caring about the player’s future.”

For someone who cares so much, it becomes obvious the next stages of his career and beyond will take care of itself.

Trey Daly finishes it best as he said, “I’m very excited to see where his game will take him in the future, because Jake won’t be outworked.”