Testimonial Tuesday: Scott Hosmer

Finding prosperity through making connections brings some to realize accessing and nurturing opportunities to connect is a ticket to succeed. Count Scott Hosmer as one who has learned this lesson. As an uncommitted 2021 catcher/utility player out of Charlotte Country Day School, Scott  has found out first hand the benefits of making connections, both on the field and off. 

He could make a long list of ways connecting with others has brought in his game and in each situation the building of trust plays a role. One connection Scott sees as having an enormous positive impact was becoming a Dirtbag, which he did his freshman year.  

Hosmer can identify a number of areas in baseball he has found growth due to his teammates and coaches with the Bags. More specifically, as a catcher he pointed to the skills garnered in working with talented pitchers. He was able to raise his ability to receive and communicate a pitching plan that helped everyone. And the development didn’t go unnoticed.  

Playing for Alex Krivanek in 2019 as a Dirtbag, Scott made quite an impression on his coach.  Krivanek took note of Hosmer’s effectiveness, saying, “As a former pitcher, Scott is exactly the type of catcher I would want as my battery mate.”

The connection and trust between Hosmer and Krivanek was built on a style of communication the player came to appreciate. Referring to the sometimes brutally honest advice or guidance his Dirtbags skipper would provide, Scott said, “He’d say it to my face and not sugar coat it. I value that.”

Through the learning moments, the hard work building on those connections made the impact. Each step seemed to escalate to the next level. Again, Krivanek recognized the connections being a vital cause, as well as an effect. 

“The trust all of our staff had in him was undeniable. He is the type of player you dream about as a coach. He works hard, loves the game and is always asking questions to learn more,” said Krivanek.

Working hard is something Hosmer is not afraid to do. Whether in the weightroom to prepare or on the field executing his craft, he used words like “relentless” and “tenacity” to describe his own effort. 

And it shows, as noted by Krivanek when he says, “He puts everything out on the line on every play and  that’s  the attitude you love seeing as a coach. 

Such a blend of effort and attitude isn’t confined to just one skill set for Hosmer. He brings those same attributes to the contest whether he’s behind the plate, manning third base or stepping into the right-handers batting box. Each responsibility gets the same measure of intensity and desire to perform. 

That brings results. Blocking balls. Diving for line-drives. Not laying down on an at-bat. All those together brings one theme to mind. Scott Hosmer is a fighter. Fighters are tough and they don’t back down. His physical 5’9” 205 pound frame gives him authority to succeed in all of those tasks. 

Again, coach Krivanek sees attributes translate to the field, saying, “He’s a tough out at the plate and has a linebacker mentality defensively.”

Which becomes an interesting analysis, due to the fact that Hosmer is in fact a linebacker, on the football field for his Buccaneers of Charlotte Country Day. And he epitomizes the position, as seen when he played most of last football season with a broken hand (which happened while playing baseball). 

Being a multi-sport athlete brings still more chances for Hosmer to develop valuable connections. He also cites the benefits of learning effective time management needed to succeed in both sports. 

While many may struggle to access off-season work in the weight-room to grow their strength, Hosmer says he has found great opportunities to benefit both sports largely through the relationship he’s built with S&C coaches at his school. Seeing their experiences as collegiate athletes, Scott knows their guidance is coming from a perspective he can trust.

Getting better at whatever he does, often by connecting with others and then working to the point of excellence can be seen so much in Hosmer’s activities. From his favorite subjects of math and science, to football, to being a self-taught guitar player, but most of all as a baseball player. 

As the next phases of life come at Hosmer, the opportunities to study and play at the collegiate levels will surely be driven by making valuable connections. Having been on campuses to play or attend camps, he hopes to further those experiences and find an intersection of baseball and academic worlds where both operate with the highest of standards. 

Wherever that may be, it won’t take long for Scott Hosmer to make an impactful connection that benefits others as much as it does him.