Trent Murchison

Trent Murchison

Sometimes it seems that certain events were just meant to be. Trent Murchison’s decision to become a Dirtbag may rank as a top example of a player and an organization being perfect for each other.  As an uncommitted 2022 left-handed outfielder out of Jacksonville (NC) High School, his approach to the game personifies the brand that Dirtbags Baseall has established.  

That’s definitely the opinion of Dirtbags general manager, Trey Daly who recounted how the organization came add Murchison to its number.  He shared, “Dirtbag alum Cade Anderson reached out to me last spring and said, ‘You gotta see this kid, he’s a Dirtbag all over.’ He hit the nail on the head. He lays it on the line every game. Passion, grit, selflessness is never a question in Mr. Murchison’s game.”

 The sophomore center fielder is one who can back up those intangible attributes by making big plays for his team. Forget about thinking players small in stature are boxed into being limited. 

Daly weighed in, “Don’t let the size fool you! Murchison is a fun player to watch. The left-handed hitting outfielder lays it on the line. Once on base, he’s a nightmare for the opposition.”

Though standing at 5’5” Murchison has BIG written all over his game. From making a spectacular diving catch in left center while playing with the Bags this summer at UNC’s Boshamer Stadium that was caught on film, to a 2 run double he gapped late in the second round of the NCHSAA play-offs last spring, he has seemed to come up big just when the team needs him.

Being in such a position to make those types of plays in those types of moments was uncovered as Murchison got the opportunity to man the lead-off spot as a freshman for the varsity team at his high school in the spring. For him, Trent says the experience was eye-opening.  He realized he was able to play with more mature players knew right away he could compete.

This, he says, provided the evidence that he had the potential to go to the next level, saying, “I might not have size but I can play with anybody.”

That attitude with his abilities has surely caught the attention of college baseball programs. While Murchison says the recruiting process just getting going for him, he already has identified the important factors to make the ultimate decision of committing. While the prestige and success of the baseball program are important, he also noted that as an honors student the education piece is huge. Even beyond that, Trent feels the connection to a staff that can provide him guidance with life lessons, and also care about his future in the game and beyond is vital.

Murchison expects the recruiting to speed up this fall by virtue of him playing with the highly talented Dirtbags Tap Out 16u squad. And playing with such a group is something he sees as a win-win. 

Joining the program has paid dividends according to Murchinson. Not only does playing with top talent provide chances to get seen but also eliminate the pressure of having to be perfect.  Trent says it allows him to relax and enable him to show his full potential.

Also notable to Murchison is the level of coaching he has received while with the Bags. He says those coaches are able to provide him insight into aspects of the game he can work on to prepare for that college experience he is striving to attain.

Simply said, all of this allows him to, “be able to calm down and play the game.”  

But the reality is someone at this stage of their career who plays with as much energy and passion as Murchison, mistakes will undoubtedly happen. However, Trent says he finds confidence in knowing that when a mistake does occur, he knows he will have more opportunities.

He stated, “It’s not going to be my last (chance) – so having the NEXT mentality is important.”

With the skills and plays he shown thus far, the biggest “next” could be where he gets the opportunity to commit collegiately. Until then, expect to find him on the diamond play the game relentlessly in the dirtiest uniform.