Under The Gun: Cameron O’Brien

Name: Cameron O’Brien
High School: Heritage
Graduation: 2019
Position: Catcher
Years with Dirtbags: 1
College Commitment: Uncommitted

How has the spring season started off at Heritage High School?

Our 2018 season at Heritage has started off well, but there is still a lot of room for our team to improve and get better as the season goes on.

What are the big games Heritage has coming up? Who’s your biggest rival?

We have a tough schedule coming up during our spring break tournament which will help our team grow as we move into some big conference matchups after the break. Our biggest rival is Wake Forest.

What would you say your strength as a baseball player is?

I would say my knowledge of the game is a big strength of mine which helps me in all aspects of the game.

Looking back on 2017, what’s one area of your game you feel you have really developed heading into 2018?

I have really been working on becoming a more consistent hitter. I feel like this will help me get to the next level and will also help my team when they are relying on me. I also have started to work on pitching which can help me as a player and can also help my team when I am needed.

When you’re behind the plate, what’s your mindset?

Behind the plate I am looking to be a wall and keep everything in front of me as well as stealing strikes to help out my pitchers.

What are you looking forward to most about the 2018 summer/fall Dirtbag season?

This 2018 season for me as a Dirtbag, I look forward to giving it everything I have and competing in every game. Also I’m trusting in my coaches and this organization to hopefully help me achieve my goal of playing baseball at the next level.

What does being a Dirtbag mean to you?

Being a Dirtbag means someone who will always work hard and goes out to compete in each game for one of the best organizations in the country.

Who’s the best player you’ve played with in the Dirtbags organization?

The best player I have played with in the Dirtbags organization would have to be Reagan Reid (2019 Clemson Commit). Every time he comes up to bat you expect and hit and every time the ball is hit to him you know the play will he made.

Describe your High School/Dirtbag teammate Vito Patierno (UNC-Charlotte commit)?

Vito is a very consistent hitter who you can rely on to do what he needs to do in all situations. He is also a very hard worker who is always looking to improve.

When you hear the following words, tell me who comes to mind within the organization:

Strong: Regan Reid
Pitcher: AJ Wilson
Dirtbag: Cody Benton
Tough: Connor Monroe
Hitter: Vito Patierno

Give the readers a piece of advice about being a Dirtbag?

Work hard, play hard, and always compete because people recognize the Dirtbag name and want to beat us.

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