Under The Gun: Connor Monroe

Name: Connor Monroe
High School: West Forsyth
Graduation Class: 2020
Position: RHP/INF
Years with Dirtbags: 3
College Commitment: NC State

How’s the 2018 West Forsyth Titans shaping up?

I think our team this year is going to be very good. I have high hopes for us.

During the offseason, what’s one area of your game you really focused on?

I really focused on getting stronger and getting my pitching velocity up.

What’s your mindset when toeing the rubber?

My mindset when pitching is to just stay calm under all the stress and just focus on nothing but the catcher. Not the people watching.

Would you rather start a game or close a game? Why?

I like starting because I like to set the tempo for the game early. I like closing too just to shut the door, but I prefer starting.

What does Dirtbags Baseball mean to you?

Dirtbags baseball means to me that you have to have grit to play; you’ll be playing with guys who are always trying to be better than you. That makes you work harder though.

Who’s the best player you have played with while playing in the Dirtbag uniform?

The best player I have played with while on the Dirtbags is Peyton Idol. He’s one of my good friends and we train together and get better every day in the gym. He also grew up with me so we’re really close.

What’s your most memorable game in a Dirtbag uniform?

The most memorable moment with the Dirtbags was down in Fort Myers, Florida in 2016. I pitched a one hitter that put us into bracket play. I had a perfect game through 5 and 2/3 and 11 strikeouts.  After that game was when my college recruitment started to increase.

If you had a chance to meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

If I had a chance to meet anyone in the world it would be my grandfather. My dad is always talking about how good of a man he was.

You are committed to NC State, what drew you to the program?

What drew me to the Wolfpack was how great the coaches are. It’s always been a dream of mine to go there. All of the opportunities they have for me to be successful is also another reason, I chose NC State.

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Under The Gun: Connor Monroe