Under The Gun: Jacob Cozart

Under The Gun: Jacob Cozart

Name: Jacob Cozart
Graduation Class: 2021
High School: Wesleyan Christian
Position: Catcher
Years with Dirtbags: 2
College Commitment: Uncommitted

Entering 2018, and your freshman year in high school what are you personal goals as a baseball player?

My goals for 2018 are to help Wesleyan Christian win a third straight state championship and also bring another title to the Dirtbags organization. My personal goals are to compete at the highest level and continue to improve behind the plate. From my framing, blocking and taking a tenth or two off my pop-time. All while learning to help our pitchers perform at their maximum potential.

How has school been going for you at Wesleyan Christian? What’s your toughest subject?

Even though I had been homeschooled for eight years, my transition to Wesleyan Christian Academy has been easy. I love all the teachers, they have been very welcoming.  The day to day school schedule is not much different than my homeschool schedule was. However, I do enjoy the social part of Wesleyan, so from that standpoint it is better than being at home. My toughest subject is Biology.

Take us back to last year and your first season with the Dirtbags. What did you learn?

Last year, I loved being a part of the Dirtbag organization.  I was blessed to be part of a team that was nationally recognized. I personally made giant strides in my catching ability by catching high level pitching every game.  My goal each game was to not have any passed balls or runners stealing bases. While I was behind the plate, I wanted to do everything possible to help the team win.

What does putting on the Dirtbag Uniform mean to you?

The Dirtbag uniform to me symbolizes an winning attitude. When I walk on the field I am confident that we will compete at the highest level every game.

Who’s the best player you have played with while being with the Dirtbags?

It is almost impossible to name the best player I have played with on the 2020 and 2021 teams. Every player that I have been blessed to compete with, I have no doubt could all play at the college level. However, I really appreciate the 2020 crew for taking me in as a young player and teaching me the Dirtbag Way.

When you think about the 2020 & 2021 Dirtbag class and the kids you have played with, what comes to mind?

Two classes that love to compete and dominate in between the lines.

You were part of the 2017 Freshman World Wood Bat Championship Team. Take us back to that experience?

From the minute I got a text from Coach Daly, I was ecstatic to play in Jupiter, Florida in the Freshman World Wood Bat Championship.  Without a doubt, my answer was YES to the invitation. The whole tournament went by so fast, it was the most rewarding, exciting, and exhilarating experiences I have had playing ball. The championship game was amazing. My heart was racing when I took the field as starting catcher. It felt so good to dog pile at second base after beating a good club. I definitely learned to never give up and to always compete until the last pitch.

What’s your favorite part about playing with the Dirtbags?

I love to win…I love to compete….I love being part of an organization that puts me in a position to be competitive at a national level. The Dirtbags are all of those things and more.  

Being from a baseball family (Father is the Head Coach at High Point University), how does that help you as a baseball player?

My dad has done so much for me. He was the one that opened the door for me to become a Dirtbag. I have grown up on the baseball field. When I was two weeks old, that was my first time being on the diamond. My father, has taught me everything I know about the game. He is the one working with me in the offseason to improve my skills. He has invested so much time and energy and emotional support. He gets all the credit, I’m where I am because of him.

What do most people not know about Jacob Cozart?

Most people know that baseball is very important to me.  However, some may not know that I am a strong Christian and a follower of Christ. The Lord is, by far, who I live for and he has blessed me with my skills.

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