Under The Gun: Michael Smith

Name: Michael Smith
High School: New Bern
Graduation: 2019
Position: INF/RHP
Years with the Dirtbags: 2
College Commitment: Uncommitted

Heading into the second part of the High School season at New Bern, what are you looking to accomplish?

I’m looking to keep getting better and help my team as much as I can. We got off to a slow start, but we are starting to turn it around.

What position do you play for New Bern and where do you hit in the lineup?

I play 2nd primarily and sometimes 3rd. I bat 4th.

Whose best team you have played so far this spring?

DH Conley.

What are your goals this summer with the Dirtbags?

Personally I want to continue to work hard in the weight room and on the field and have that transfer to the games. Specifically this summer with the dirtbags I want to continue to improve my approach at the plate by being aggressive early and looking to drive the ball. I also want to continue to expand my versatility as a fielder.

How would you describe your game for people that haven’t seen you play?

I think people notice me first as a hitter I am able to drive the ball with good power while minimizing strike outs. As a fielder I’m versatile and can play multiple positions in the infield. I feel like I’m an underrated pitcher.

When you hear the word Dirtbag, what comes to mind?

The Dirtbags is a successful organization that competes at a high level nationally. The coaches are fantastic. I’ve improved my game and had a lot of fun and good memories with this group.

Who’s the best player you have played with while playing with the Dirtbags?

Will Butcher (2019 NC State Commit).

Best piece of advice you can give to future Dirtbags?

Play hard and try to make new friends. Also make sure you are training hard in the weight room so you are physically prepared for competing at higher levels and always working on your skills on the field.

What’s one area of your game you feel like you need to improve?

I need to continue to work on developing my speed using the conjugate system developed by Westside Barbell.

If Michael Smith wasn’t playing baseball, what would he be doing?

I would be studying the works of many renowned sports scientists and training, so I can open my own gym one day and help other athletes achieve their dreams.

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