Under The Gun: Peter Maldonado

Under The Gun: Peter Maldonado

Name: Peter Maldonado
High School: Heritage
Graduation: 2021
Position: Catcher
Years with Dirtbags: 1
College Commitment: Uncommitted

How has your first year at Heritage High School been so far?

The first semester of High School has been an adjustment. It took some getting used to but I feel I’m getting the hang of things now.

What’s the biggest adjustment for middle school to high school?

Becoming responsible in the classroom and managing my time.

What are you looking forward to most about the 2018 Dirtbags season?

Playing highly competitive baseball against teams across the country.

What’s one thing you have learned about the “Dirtbag way” after being in the program this past fall?

Learning how to trust the process and the program.

Take us through your mindset as you set up behind the plate?

When it comes to setting up behind the plate, I usually like to think a pitch ahead. From what pitch our pitcher is comfortable in throwing, to a pitch that can get the batter out in a plus count.

What’s the biggest area of your game you have focused on in the offseason?

Anyone that know me well, would say I’m pretty slow so this is one area I spent alot of time focusing on.

What are you looking to accomplish in a Dirtbag uniform?

Winning games and fulfilling a dream of playing college baseball.

When you hear the word “Dirtbag” what comes to mind?

An elite program that competes no matter what the situation may be.

You know what to expect this summer heading into your second season with the Dirtbags. What are you going to relay to the new guys that are just putting on the Dirtbag uniform?

Play for the name on the front of the uniform and the guy beside you.

What’s a piece of advice to people that are looking into the Dirtbag program?

As long as you buy into the process, the Dirtbags will handle the rest.

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