Under The Gun: Todd Griffin

Name: Todd Griffin
Age: 23
Hometown: Weaverville, NC
College: Mars Hill University
Started with Dirtbags: 2015

How did you get involved coaching baseball?

I got involved in coaching when my career as a player ended. I had a shoulder injury in college that ended my playing career and I wanted a way to stay in the game that I love. Coach Matt Landreth gave me an opportunity and I haven’t looked back since.

Talk about your career as a player?

I played at North Buncombe High School in Weaverville, NC. I was a Pitcher and Infielder on back to back conference championship teams, including a trip to the Final Four in 2012. After High School, I went on to play at Mars Hill University before my career was cut short from a shoulder injury.

What do you know now as a coach that you wish you would’ve known back then?

I think coaching you realize how much effort and time was poured into you as a player by so many people. The money and time your parents spent trying to give you the best opportunities is something you don’t fully realize until your playing career comes to an end. Also, how much the coaches truly cared for you, and the time they spent away from their families to give you the best experience possible. Extremely grateful for all the coaches who poured into my life through baseball.

What does Dirtbags baseball mean to you?

Dirtbags to me is family. From players, coaches, and everyone involved. When you know someone who was a Dirtbag or see someone reppin’ that skull logo, you automatically have a strong bond because of what the Dirtbags stand for. It’s tradition that only those involved can explain.

When did you start with the Dirtbags?

I started with the Dirtbags in the Summer of 2015.

When you hear the word Dirtbag, what comes to mind?

When I hear the word Dirtbag, I think of tradition. From the great players, past and present, there is a tradition of excellence throughout the entire organization. You know without a doubt if they are part of the Dirtbags they are going to give you everything they got, on and off the field.

What’s one thing most people on the outside don’t know about the Dirtbags?

I really don’t think anyone understands the time and effort that each member of the Dirtbags put in. All fall, winter, spring, and summer they are trying to find a way to make the organization better. They have the best players and coaches in the country because they out work everyone else.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Dirtbags summer?

I’m looking forward to getting out there and competing our tails off against some of the best teams in the country, with a group of players that have one common goal. Nothing beats a summer with the Bags.

What’s one piece of advice you try to instill in the Dirtbag players you coach?

One thing I always try to instill in my Dirtbag players is work ethic. If you want it, go get it, and don’t get out worked for it. This is something that will carry over into everything you do in life.

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