Under The Gun: Tyler McDaniel

Name: Tyler McDaniel
High School: West Forsyth
Graduation: 2020
Position: INF/RHP
Years with Dirtbags: 2
College Commitment: Uncommitted

How is your sophomore year going over at West Forsyth High School?

It’s going very well we’ve started off 7-1 and the school in general is going well too.

Noticed you played football this fall, how do you feel that helped you for baseball?

Playing football made me more athletic the same way playing multiple sports helps anyone. It increased my strength considerably.

For those who haven’t seen Tyler McDaniel play, describe yourself as a baseball player?

I would describe myself as a physical kid that knows how to use his size to his advantage. I can play multiple positions, and hit anywhere in the lineup. I love pressure situations.

What are you looking forward to most about the summer with the Dirtbags?

Playing baseball every weekend and being around great people.

When you hear Dirtbags Baseball, what comes to mind?

A group of dedicated players that know what they need do to succeed and will hold you to it if you do not do what you need to do. The organization itself is run very well from top to bottom.

Who’s the best player you have played with while playing with the Dirtbags?

Nolan McLean (2020, Uncommitted). That dude is insane.

What’s one thing you have learned while playing with the Dirtbags?

The one thing I’ve learned while playing for the Dirtbags is that you always have to give 100% because the Dirtbags name on the front of your jersey.  You never know who might be there watching you.

What’s your best memory of playing with the Dirtbags so far?

Wearing the camo pants and having people look at us weird.

What drew you to the Dirtbags program?

I was drawn to the Dirtbags for their reputation and competitiveness.

If Tyler McDaniel could travel the world for one day, where would you go and why?

I would go to the Dominican Republic and play baseball with the kids there.

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