Under The Gun: Xander Hamilton

Name: Xander Hamilton
High School: Broughton
Graduation: 2019
Position: RHP/OF
Years with Dirtbags: 1
College Commitment: Virginia Tech

Your season is in full swing and Broughton High School is starting to play well, what do you attribute the recent success to?

I contribute to our success to the fact that we’re coming together this year. This year our Seniors have set the bar high and we continue to raise it as a collective group.

Coach Jere Morton who also coaches with the Dirtbags is your High School coach. How has he made you a better player?

Coach Morton has led me to become a better person not only on the field but off. Throughout High School I have become really involved with kids with special needs, and without my coaches I don’t think that door would have opened. Morton has gotten me exposed to many local and distant colleges, as well as top showcases.

What are your strengths as a player?

Some of my strengths as a player are, my abilities on the mound are flashing a low 90’s FB, snapping a power slider and burying a hard splitter. I also think I have some serious pop at the plate, with three home runs on the year and batting in the mid 300’s. I love having the opportunity in the clutch situations.

What’s your mindset once you get on the mound?

My mindset on the mound starts early in the day, “how am i going to get these batters out.” Once I’m on the mound I have a plan and I’m not pressing. I’m never afraid to go after guys, and I pound every batter with everything I got.

You recently committed to Virginia Tech, what made you choose the Hokies?

“Because this is Hokies nation.’ I chose VT because it felt like it was the place I belonged. The coaching staff has given me the opportunity to go as a two way player, which is what I have always wanted to do. The team is on their way to a breakout in some serious success. The baseball team has just built a brand new facility as well which I am very excited about. The Academic program at VT is top notch, and so is the food.

When you hear the word “Dirtbags Baseball” what comes to mind?

When I hear the words “Dirtbags Baseball” I think of a top travel program that is in it to win. Andy Partin and Trey Daly also come to mind, without these two guys I would be nowhere close where I am today.

What made you want to become a Dirtbag?

I became a Dirtbag for the opportunity to get some serious exposure.

Who’s the best player you have played with while playing with the Dirtbags?

So far the best player I have played with on the Dirtbags is Connor Norby (2018, East Carolina Signee).

What’s your favorite memory so far of playing with the Dirtbags?

So far my favorite experience in the Bags has been Jupiter.

If Xander Hamilton wasn’t playing baseball, what would he be doing?

Right now if I wasn’t playing baseball I would be working on cars and trucks. Ever since I was a kid the passion with them has been on at heart. I would probably be working a lot trying to buy the next modification for my truck.

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