some of our favorite testimonials

“My son Austin Beck started playing for the Dirtbags the summer of 2014 after his Freshman year of high school baseball. He played for Axel Smith with players that were a grade above him. The team had a great summer with lots of success on the field due to great players and a great coach who cared for his players, their development and skills. After the 2014 season Austin committed to play baseball for the University of North Carolina. During this time a lot of summer baseball organizations wanted Austin to come play for him but he stuck with the Dirtbags and with Andy. The summer of 2015 was when Austin plays for for Andy on his All Black Team. The team was really special, with only losing three games that summer, every player went on to play college ball or got drafted in the MLB draft. The next year, 2016, Austin tore his ACL during the second round of the 2016 state playoffs and unfortunately did not get to play that summer for Andy’s All Black Team but yet they went onto win the championship that summer in Florida. Austin had his ACL surgery June 2016 and would go to Andy’s facility to rehab by lifting and hitting to prepare himself for the upcoming season, his last year of high school baseball. By that November Austin was back 100% but since his missed the summer circuit of baseball the professional scouts wanted him to work all during the off season from November till high school season started. During this time Andy was in constant contact with the scouts on Austins behalf informing them on how he was doing and in contact with us also about which scouts were interested. The 2017 MLB draft was on June 12th and Austin was picked 1st round, 6th overall, by the Oakland Athletics. Andy and Trey were quick to call and congratulate him on his achievement from all his hard work and perseverance through his baseball career. The Dirtbags do things the right way and how things should be done. They make sure they have great coaches with the best knowledge and experience of the game to help players reach there potential. Andy, Trey and Axel are three great coaches in the dirtbags organization that I have the up most respect for and I will always be grateful for everything that they have done for Austin. As Austin would say, ‘Dirtbags for life!’” – Jeff Beck (Father of Austin Beck, 2018 6th overall MLB draft pick)

“The old saying, ‘you never know who is watching’ holds true for my son, Tanner. We relocated to South Carolina in the fall of 2015 and for two years struggled to find a travel team that focused on both development and exposure. In the spring of 2017 we were fortunate that the Dirtbag’s Trey Daly attended a spring break tournament in Gilbert, South Carolina. He saw my son, who attends a small private school, catch and after the game spoke to us about the Dirtbags program. I genuinely believe that day changed the trajectory of my son’s baseball future. We decided to join the Dirtbags and are so thankful that we did. We are grateful that Tanner had a chance to play for wonderful coaches such as Andy Partin, Brendan Dougherty and Phil Maier. All of these coaches have years of coaching experience at various levels , not to mention extensive contacts with colleges. I was amazed to see my son’s skill set improve as he played with and against some of the top players in the country. The coaching staff focused on developing the players while striving to win against top level competition. Soon after he started playing for the Dirtbags he began to generate interest from Colleges. The coaches worked with him and his high school coach to try to determine the best fit. We were thrilled when he committed to play at Coastal Carolina University. We will be forever grateful that Trey Daly showed up in Gilbert, South Carolina one Spring day. As I said, you never know who is watching!” -Ty Garrison (Father of Tanner Garrison, 2019 Coastal Carolina Signee)

“My son, Scotty Diekman, started playing with the Dirtbags in the fall of 2017 for coach Haynes. He enjoyed playing for coach Haynes and we could see his confidence growing along with the rest of the team. One thing you knew when they took the field is that they were going to play as a team and leave everything on the field. Heading into his Senior year of high school, we all looked forward to a big Dirtbag summer 2018 season. However, Scotty was injured after the first full weekend of Dirtbag baseball. As you can imagine, that was heartbreaking as a parent and upsetting as an athlete. All the time put into practice and playing baseball seemingly coming to an end with an injury in the biggest summer of his playing career to date. When we let General Manager,Trey Daly know about the injury and the need for surgery, he told us to focus on getting Scotty healthy. Trey told us he would do everything he could to get Scotty’s name out there and get him an opportunity to play college baseball. Trey asked that we keep him informed about Scotty’s surgery and PT throughout the summer. Over the past few months, Scotty received numerous calls from various college coaches wanting to setup visits. On every college visit, the coaches mentioned that they had talked to Trey about Scotty’s playing ability. Thanks to Trey and the Dirtbag staff for sticking by Scotty through his injury and doing everything they could to help him get an opportunity to play college baseball. Thanks to their efforts, Scotty was able accept an offer to play baseball at Queens University in Charlotte. #DirtbagUP #RoyalTakeover”Craig Diekman (Father of Scotty Diekman, 2019 Queens University Signee)

“In the fall of Nick’s sophomore year, he was invited to join the Dirtbags organization and had a phenomenal experience.   While they are selective with player talent, recruitment of players with good make-up and attitudes appeared most important. With the help of Trey and Andy, Nick was able to connect with college coaches and schedule visits to find the right fit.  They were instrumental in educating and guiding us through the recruitment process. The Dirtbags play in elite tournaments that not only give players exposure but also the opportunity to compete with elite players across the country.  It was evident during various tournaments and events, the organization is respected and has connections with college coaches and professional scouts across the country. We had a great experience with all the coaches we came in contact with.  They push players to improve, are honest about skill set, and level of schools players should look at to match their skill set.  The coaches were all dedicated to helping prepare players for the next level. If you are looking for a program that will help your son improve his game, exposure, and most importantly, an organization that will be honest with you, the Dirtbags is the right organization for your son.” – Greg and Kim Clayton (Parent’s of Nick Clayton, 2019 Clemson University Signee)

“Playing baseball for the Dirtbags organization was a key component in Brandon’s recruiting process, as well as in preparing him for college baseball. Throughout his time with the Dirtbags, be consistently faced national level competition and would go on to compete against many of those same players in college. The Dirtbags strength program also allowed Brandon to develop the power and speed necessary to compete at the highest level. In addition, and equally as important,  Brandon became strong mentally from facing highly skilled players consistently throughout the summer and fall. Being blessed with a solid skill-set in baseball is only the first step to having a successful career, at any level. Developing those skills both mentally and physically, consistently facing high level competition, and having a trustworthy group to guide you in the recruiting process is essential. I can think of no other organization that is better prepared to meet those needs than the Dirtbags.” -Jay Riley (Father of Brandon Riley, 2015-2018 University of North Carolina OF & Current St. Louis Cardinal)

“Playing for the Dirtbags allowed Cory to become teammates with some of the best players in the state which naturally made him push himself to get better.  He was fortunate to play against the best competition in the nation.  That exposure and challenge helped him get better each year and prepared him for that next big step to college baseball; it wasn’t such a “surprise” to bat against top notch pitchers because he competed against that high level each year he played with the Dirtbags. All of Cory’s Dirtbags Coaches were fantastic!  Even at a young age; the coaches require players to keep up with their gear and hold them accountable for their behavior.  All communications go through the players; making them responsible for knowing when and where they need to be for games and practices.  Playing with the Dirtbags for several years really helped Cory be ready to step on the field and contribute at Coastal Carolina University” -Kim Wood (Mother of Cory Wood, 2016 Coastal Carolina Signee)