Coaches Corner: The Next 200 Feet

Coaches Corner: The Next 200 Feet

Date: February 4, 2019
By: Brendan Dougherty

We all know and understand how difficult baseball can be at times. It is game based on numbers and stats. We are always trying to compare different stats. Trying to focus on the next pitch or one pitch at time is very difficult. Players hear, “just keep hitting balls hard” or “keep pounding the zone,” but they are not having the success that they would like to have. Inevitably they can’t help but look at their stats. It is just part of the game. Developing routines within practice and the game is how can we stay in the present moment and not focus on things that we can’t control.

The only way to stay Present, Positive, and Confident is to know that baseball is a game of inches. We have to constantly fight for those inches either in the box or on the mound. We have to have a belief that we will have success and the confidence to move on to the next pitch. Successful or not, it doesn’t matter “so what next pitch.” When the ball leaves your hand or when it comes off the bat, you really don’t have much control of anything else except executing the pitch or the swing. You can control your effort and your attitude after the play ends.

The majority of headlights on a car extend out as far as 200 feet. If you were going to take a trip from the East Coast to the West Coast and the only stops you could make were to use the bathroom, get gas and eat, with the exception of the lights for those 3 places, you are driving in complete darkness (with the exception of the 200 feet that your headlights allow.) Would you be able to do it? Many people after would say no after they read this. It is too far to drive without sleeping or resting.

They are looking for and thinking about the end result, which is getting to the West Coast. If you only think about going 200 feet at a time and not looking in the mirror behind you, you could most likely do it. You are thinking about the process of winning inches and just making it another 200 feet. If you have that mentality, then the trip is very attainable. You have to take this approach to the game. You have to continue to tell yourself 200 more feet.  Understand the things you can control, stay in the present moment and stick with the process and you will win the next “200 Feet”!