Under The Gun: AJ Wilson

Under The Gun: AJ Wilson

It may be the dead of winter, but the Dirtbags don’t hibernate. Check out these “Under The Gun” interviews to keep you warm until spring..

Name: AJ Wilson
Graduation Class: 2019
High School: East Surry
Position: LHP
Years with Dirtbags: 4
College Commitment: East Carolina University

What are you looking forward to in the 2018 Dirtbag season?
Heading into my final year with the Dirtbags, I’m looking to leave a mark in the Dirtbags tradition. I’m looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and looking forward to going to battle with my teammates.

Why did you choose the Dirtbags back in 2014?
I chose the Dirtbags because they were different! From the jerseys to the coaches energy. This program stood for something I wanted to be part of.

What’s your favorite Dirtbag memory?
My favorite Dirtbag memory was being able to play in Jupiter, Florida last year. It was a privilege to be down there with the best players in the country. I loved being able to compete with my teammates on the big stage. 
What does it mean to you wearing the Dirtbag uniform?
Putting on the Dirtbag uniform means everything to me. When I’m out there with the name across my chest, you’re going to get my best shot. No matter what situation may be. 

Who’s the best player you have played with while with the Dirtbags?
Ryder Giles (2018 Dirtbags Captain)

When you hear the word “Dirtbag” what comes to mind?
Someone who does not settle for average. Someone who’s going be play his hardest every single play. 

How has the Dirtbags made you a better player?
They made me understand that you need to trust the process and go get it. To get better one day at a time and work as hard as you can in the weight room, practice field, wherever.

What’s one thing you didn’t know about the Dirtbags that you know now after being part of the program?
One thing I really didn’t understand is how hard these guys work at it, from the coaches to my teammates. You’re going to get everyone’s best, because of the passion that represents this program. 

For future Dirtbag players, what’s one piece of advice you would give them?
I’d say never be selfish and always be happy for someone else on your team. Never try and one up someone or brag about something you have accomplished. Work your hardest and ignore the noise around you. Trust the Process, it will pay off.

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