Under The Gun: Brett Banks

Name: Brett Banks
High School: Garner
Graduation: 2019
Position: RHP
Years with Dirtbags: 2
College Commitment: East Carolina University

Garner is starting to play well this time of year and had a big win Friday night, what do you attribute this to?

Our coaching staff and players put in a lot of hard work this past week at practice working on the little things. We’re trying to maintain what we’ve had going on this regular season into the playoffs and we’ve just been trying to stay positive, play with energy and compete every game going forward.

We interviewed Jacob Baker on Friday (Garner Pitching Coach and Dirtbag Coach). How has Baker made you a better player?

Coach Baker has definitely contributed to a lot of my success and most of it coming from pushing me to play at my full potential. Even just throwing a bullpen or a flat ground, he’s always teaching me new things to make me a better player. He’s taught me a lot about maintaining confidence in all pitched and letting my mechanics work on the mound.

For those who haven’t seen Brett Banks play, describe yourself as a baseball player?

I believe I’m definitely a high motor player, I like to play with a lot of energy and I like helping my teammates succeed as much as possible.

How did you get involved playing with the Dirtbags?

I got involved playing with the Dirtbags after my sophomore season. Dirtbag coaches have watched me pitch a lot and I knew they were a winning organization that I definitely wanted to be a part of.

Why did you choose the Dirtbags?

I chose to play with the Dirtbags because not only are you playing with the one of the hardest working organizations in NC, you are playing with the most talented group of players at the highest level of baseball. You play baseball the Dirtbags way and you’re giving it 100% every game.

What are you looking forward to most about the summer with the Dirtbags?

I’m definitely looking forward to playing with Coach Andy Partin this summer and playing with one of the top teams in the country and just going out there and competing and winning games.

When you hear Dirtbags Baseball, what comes to mind?

I think about playing hard, getting dirty and giving it your all 110% percent every game, nothing less.

Who’s the best player you have played with while playing with the Dirtbags?

Connor Monroe (2020, NC State Commit)

What’s one thing you have learned while playing with the Dirtbags?

So far I have learned to go out there on the mound and let my stuff work. Pitch with confidence and don’t give up on yourself.

What’s your best memory of playing with the Dirtbags so far?

Pitching at ECU and doing a solid 5 innings of work.

What drew you to the Dirtbags program?

What brought me into the Dirtbags was definitely the things Trey Daly and Andy Partin can do for you. They got me recruited by lots of school and helped me accomplish my ultimate goal of committing to a Division I University to play baseball.

If Brett Banks could travel the world for one day, where would you go and why?

I would go to Hawaii and swim with dolphins and relax on the beach.

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