Under The Gun: Isaac Fix

Under The Gun: Isaac Fix

Name: Isaac Fix
High School: William Byrd (VA)
Graduation Class: 2021
Position: LHP
Years with the Dirtbags: 1
College Commitment: Uncommitted

Coming into the second year of the Dirtbags organization, what have you learned?

Over the course of my first year with the Dirtbags I learned that everyone in the organization is there to compete, and if you’re not committed to playing hard every game, you won’t play. I also learned that playing with the Dirtbags makes me better because everyone around me makes me compete and play my hardest every game. The coaches also know how to help to get everyone in contact with the best colleges suited for them to play at.

When you think about being a Dirtbag, what comes to mind?

The fact that I get play on teams with the best players around the area. And, I also get to compete at a high level.

What’s one area of your game you really focused on improving this offseason?

This offseason I have definitely worked a lot at the plate. I have never been the greatest hitter so that is definitely the biggest area of my game that I worked on.

What’s your mindset when you toe the rubber?

When I toe the rubber, all I focus on is getting the batter out. This is my biggest focus because I know that I can use my stuff on the mound where the hitter will not be able to square it up.  If they hit it then I know I have some of the best players behind me on defense be

What’s one game that really sticks out to you in a Dirtbag uniform?

One game that stands out to me was my first time playing at Lake Point, and we lost in the championship game. We were down one in the bottom of the last inning with our fastest runners on 1st and 2nd with the bases loaded. The 3rd batter was up when we got caught in a rundown between 3rd and the plate. When the runner got out at third, the runner from second got thrown out going back to second to get our first two outs. The batter at the plate ended the game with an out and we lost the game 7-6. I always get a little extra motivation when thinking about that game.

Talk about the friendship and relationships you have built while playing with the Dirtbags?

The friendships and relationships I have built have made my experience with the Dirtbags really good. I have great relationships with the guys from my teams. I continue to talk to most of the guys even out of season.

Looking forward to 2018, what are you looking forward to most about playing with the Dirtbags?

This year I am looking forward to playing in front of college scouts and showcasing my skills on the field.

What’s one of your goals while playing with the Dirtbags?

My biggest goal is to play college baseball and improve my game on the field.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about Isaac Fix?

I work extremely hard in the classroom.

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