Under The Gun: Logan Willard

Name: Logan Willard
High School: Reidsville
Graduation: 2019
Position: Catcher
Years with Dirtbags: 2
College Commitment: Uncommitted

Entering in 2018 and your junior year in High School what are your personal goals as a baseball player?

My personal goals for the 2018 season is to just focus on being the most consistent player I can be day in and day out on the field. Not overthinking things and just playing the best I can and go from there

How has school been going for you at Reidsville? What’s your toughest subject?

School has been great as I am in the International Baccalaureate program involving academics. I would have to say my hardest subject for me is Biology.

Take us back through your first two years and with the Dirtbags. What did you learn?

Two years ago joining the Dirtbags I met a group of players who I like to call my brothers now. We created a brotherhood with each other and I know on any given day I can go to them and talk to them about something whether it’s on the field or off. Those guys showed me how to compete at a high level and have confidence in everything I do.

What does putting on the Dirtbag Uniform mean to you?

Putting on the Dirtbag uniform means everything to me. I love this organization and everybody who has something to do with it. It is truly an honor and privilege to play for the Dirtbags.

Who’s the best player you have played with while being with the Dirtbags?

It would be impossible for me to pick just one guy because all of my teammates are great at what they do and each of them brings something different to the table

When you think about the 2019 Dirtbag class and the kids you have played with, what comes to mind?

First thing that comes to mind about the 2019 Dirtbag class and the kids I have played with is talent. They are a great group of guys who knows the game and can play extremely well. Each player brings something different to the table which results in a strong team and tough to beat

What’s your favorite part about playing with the Dirtbags?

I really don’t think I have a favorite part about playing with the Dirtbags. There are so many memories that I have made with these guys and continuing to make that I can’t narrow them down to a “favorite” part

What piece of advice would you give to future Dirtbags?

A piece of advice I would give to future Dirtbags is to take advantage of the off season and work hard and to remember to just have fun playing the sport you love.

What’s one thing you didn’t know about Dirtbags Baseball that you know about now?

Playing for other organizations throughout my years leading up to the Dirtbags I really didn’t know how everyone would be and go about things. Now being a Dirtbag going on two years, it has been great and this organization is like no other. The coaches have one goal and that is to get us players to the next level wherever that may be. They work hard for us and expect for us to do the same.

If Logan Willard wasn’t playing baseball, what would you do?

If I was not playing baseball then I would put my main focus on weightlifting. I started weightlifting the summer of my freshman year and fell in love with it. I can definitely see myself doing something in the fitness industry more seriously if I wasn’t playing baseball.

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